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To Achieve higher education and better job opportunities, approx. 20% of Indian Students are aiming to study in Australia. But lack of guidance and support are crushing the dreams of hundreds of students aiming to study abroad. Here at Bluewaters Education, we have a dedicated team of Australia Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar to help you achieve your study goals. We provide customized and budget-friendly immigration solutions to students looking to complete their graduation, post-graduation, or any other master program in Australia. We have connections with top universities in Australia to give you the best education experience. Our team of student visa consultants in Jalandhar will provide you with valuable guidance and support to submit your visa application. You can call us directly or fill out the form to ask your queries regarding the Australia Study Visa. 

Types of Australia Study Visa Subclasses

Having a little bit of knowledge of Australian study visa subclasses help you to understand the process better. Before moving to requirements let’s first understand the two primary student visa subclasses :

      1. Student Visa (Subclass 500): This visa allows you to study full time in your selected Australian University or institute. It is suitable for students enrolled in higher education courses, English language courses, vocational and school level courses.

      1. Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485): This visa is a temporary visa that allows you to live and work in Australia for a limited amount of time.  

    Australia Study Visa Requirements


    Here are the few things that you should have to be eligible for Australia Study Visa.

        • You must have confirmation of Enrollment (COE) from the registered Australian Education Institution.

        • You have to provide the evidence of your English Language Proficiency such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE

        • You have to give evidence that you have enough funds to cover tuition fees, college fees, travel costs and living expenses to Study in Australia.

        • You have to provide your health and character certificate.

      Once you’ve ensured that you meet the eligibility criteria, you can proceed with further steps.


      The Documentation process includes gathering all the required documents, filing your visa application form, and upload all these things to Australian authorities along with fees. These documents include COE, Passport, Financial Proofs, health insurance and additional documents. In the next step, you have to submit these necessary documents with your student visa application.

      Wait for Approval

      Once you have submitted and uploaded the application, you have to wait for the department of home affairs to process your visa application. After you application is processed you will receive a notification of the visa decision. If approved, you’ll have your visa grant letter outlining the conditions of your visa.  

      Australia Study Visa Processing Time

      First of all, the processing time for an Australia study visa may vary from time to time as per the changes in regulations and requirements. We, therefore recommend every aspirant to contact us before taking any big step so that our student visa consultants can provide you with the best guidance for your goals. You can also visit the official website of department of Home Affairs Australia.      

      However below are the estimated processing time that will be applicable on 90% of Student visa Applications. 

      Why Choose Bluewaters?

          • Over a decade of experience

          • Skilled Consultants to give you solutions to all of your queries

          • Have a branch  in Australia to give you international support

          • We have built a strong reputation in the immigration consultancy industry.

          • We believe in full transparency to our clients. From the initial phase to the final step, our team keeps you notified at every step of the process so that you can track your application.


        Q.1 What are the reasons for the delay of my Australia Study visa application status?

        Ans.1 If in case your application status is taking too much time, there’s a chance that your application has following issues:

            • Lack of any required document attached with application.

            • Any General Mistake in Application

            • Huge number of applicants can also increase the processing time.

          Q.2 Can I Apply for PR in Australia after completion of my degree?

          Ans.2 you can apply for Australia PR. But its advisable to every student to sekk guidance of any Australia immigration consultant in Jalandhar.

          Q.3 Can We Apply Study Visa without IELTS?

          Ans.3 Yes you can, but its also depend on the requirements of the education institute you have chosen.

          Q.4 Is there any age limit for Australia Study Visa?

          Ans.4 No, There is no age limit for applying  Australia study visa. Students of all ages and countries are eligible to apply for study visa in Australia.

          Q.5 Can I take my family with me? 

          Ans.5 You can take your spouse, children or family with you. Just Make sure they’re eligible for Spouse, Dependent or Australia Visitor Visa. 

          Q.6 Can I get Scholarships from Australian Universities?

          Ans.6 There are several educational institutions that offer scholarships to Indians as well as other international students. You can check their official websites for more information. You can contact us as well for any information.

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