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There is no doubt that Education is a crucial part of our life. This is why teens are more aware than ever about high quality education. Though there are many countries that have top class institutions, but UK is most desirable for Indian students.  Our UK study visa consultant in Jalandhar guide students to achieve their study abroad dream within budget. Studying in the UK not only help students get higher education but also open the gates of opportunities. Our team has over decade of experience guiding people to achieve their career goals. We have collaboration with top universities of the UK so that you can choose the best institution. If your goal is to study in UK, let our immigration consultants know about your budget and goals. We ensure you the best consultancy .  

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UK Study Visa Requirements for Indian Students

Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS):

The very first thing you will  need to provide for your successful UK visa application is the CAS. It is the electronic document that you will receive from the university. You will get the CAS from your chosen university via email. As it is an electrnoic document , you will only need CAS refrence number on your UK visa application form. There’s no need to submit hard copy of CAS.

Proof of Finance :

Once you get accepted, you have to provide evidence that you have ample money  for tuition fees and living costs in UK. You may need the following documents to prove that you have enough money.

·         Personal Bank Statements

·         Bank Letters

·         Official Loan documents

Proof of Relationship with your Parents

If the funds you’ve shown are under your parent’s name, you have to give proof to the UK government regarding your relationship with your parents. To do that you can provide birth certificates or adoption certificate.

Additional Documents

Some other documents that are needed for UK Student Visa are as follows

·         Your Current Passport

·         Passport Sized color Photographs

·         Tuberculosis Screening

·         Assessment Documentation

·         Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate


Understand the UK Student Visa Process

The process of UK study visa or tier 4 visa includes 5 Steps or phases which are as follows:

Step-1 Course Selection

In first phase you have to Choose the degree or course you want to study in the UK. Then from numerous universities,  select your ideal instiution.

Step-2  Fulfill Requirements

In second step, You have to gather all necessary documents including your acceptance letter, language proficiency proof, and funds proof.

Step-3  Apply Online

Now the time to fill out your UK study visa application form. Fill every detail carefully, obviously you don’t want to delay the process. Then pay fees and submit your application.

Step-4 Wait for Decision

After application submission, you just need to wait for aaproval from UK immigration authorities. The standard Processing time for UK study visa application is three weeks. However, it may vary due to several factors.

Step-5  Travel to UK

Once you get your application approved, its time to pack your things up and get ready for UK travel. Make sure you carry all necessary documents with you.  


Q.1 How much IELTS scores is required for UK student visa ?

Ans.1 To get your Study Visa Application approved, you will need overall IELTS  score of minimum 6 bands.  Some universities may even required 7 or more depending upon your course selection.

Q.2 What are the requirements for studying in UK for Indian students?

Ans.2 To study in UK, you will need  letter of acceptance, proof of language proficiency(IELTS),proof that you have enough money for your stay, and basic documents such as passport, photographs, medical, etc.

Q.3  Can I Work alongside with my UK student visa?

Ans.3 Yes, you can do part-time job alongwith your studies and full-time during breaks and summer holidays. However, you may not do all kinds of work. There will be some restrictions.

Q.4 How much money is required to get a student visa in 2024?

Ans.4 The average expense to study in UK for an indian student is between 10-30 lakh which includes your tuition fees as well as as other day-today-day expenses.  

Q.5 How long does it take to get a student visa for the UK in 2023?

Ans-5 The processing time for a student visa application can vary depending on where you are applying from and the volume of applications being processed at the time. It is recommended to apply as early as possible, as the process can take several weeks or even months.



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